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October Newsletter 2016

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October Newsletter 2016

   WINGS Maternity Home:

Welcome Art, Full House, In the swing, BIG Thanks, Open House 

                      October Newsletter 2016

Welcome Art!


In mid September, WINGS Maternity Home hired Art Henkel to serve as our Executive Director of Growth and Development. 


"Uncle Artie" brings to the table years 

of experience both working with and advocating for, children. In the past, 

Art has worked as youth/kids pastor, 

kids entertainer, non-profit worker and volunteer.


Art's role at WINGS includes mentoring, administration, social media, fundraising, partnership building, as well as events and presentation development. We have great anticipation of how Art will bring new insights 

and a fresh new perspective to WINGS. We are also super excited to have

a male role model here at WINGS as a "father" figure for our moms and 

babes to relate to. You can contact Art at


God has been so incredibly faithful to us and continues to show His unconditional love and supernatural provision for WINGS. We are so 

thankful for the past seven years of WINGS and anticipate new growth 

and development opportunities in the near future. Please pray for us as 

we continue to move forward.



Full House!


"Full House" was a hit sitcom series which first aired in 1987 and ran for 192 episodes. Well, it's 2016 now and at WINGS a full house is still a hit. We're not talking about the TV show, we're referring to the fact that our house is currently at capacity. In just the past weeks we have welcomed two new moms-to-be into our family. This is where our heart is at; loving, encouraging and equipping young moms on their road to independent living. 




At WINGS Maternity Home we constantly encourage our mom's to be life long learners. We believe that education is a key factor in breaking the cycle of poverty and allowing them to successfully move forward towards independent living.


Our new school year of learning has begun with 12 students enrolled in our learning center. This includes our 4 house moms as well as several community moms. Some moms are working to complete their high school education while others are working on university and career counselling courses. 


As well as online courses we also offer many other learning opportunities for our moms. These opportunities include; 

Cooking Classes, Baby Sign Language, Nutrition, Zumba, Dental Hygiene, Empowering Life, SOAR, Life with Uncle Artie, Parenting, Extreme Couponing and Personal Finances.

'BIG' Thanks!


WINGS would like to give a 'BIG' thanks to the following organizations for their generous support.


Thanks to Coughlan Homes and Deer Creek Golf Club (Deer Creek Cares Charitable Foundation) for including us in their 2016 annual Charity golf tournament.



Thanks to Telus Toronto Community Board for graciously choosing to donate to the work of WINGS Maternity Home.



Thanks to Dan and Paula Carter for providing WINGS the opportunity to attend the Day of Hope and Leadership conference earlier this month.



5TH Annual WINGS Christmas Open House


At christmas we celebrate the gift of love. We celebrate the love of God towards mankind and the love we have for one another. With this in mind we'd like to invite you to join us for our 5th annual WINGS Christmas open house event.  Nov. 26th 2016 is a day where people like yourselves are welcomed to experience WINGS up close and personal. Plan to drop by any time between 10:00am - 4:00pm. Meet our moms, tour our facility, enjoy seasonal treats, take in our festive surroundings and experience a home filled with love. 


Key Donors Feature


Key Donors are those who partner with WINGS at a minimum of $100 per month. These funds assist in the areas of our NEST Learning Center was well as with Growth & Development. 

In each of our upcoming monthly newsletters we'll take time to recognize and introduce one or two of these supportive partners. 



Key Donor - Lynda Harlos of Orion Travelinx !


Several years ago Lynda found herself dealing with her teenage pregnant daughter. It was just after Lynda's grandson was born, that she was introduced to the valuable work of WINGS maternity home. A work that Lynda could certainly identify with on a personal level. 


WINGS salutes Lynda for her support of WINGS Maternity Home as a Key Donor. Thank you Lynda for your generous heart and willingness to invest in the lives of young moms and their babes.


Working as a home based travel agent, Lynda has the flexibility to offer assistance to her daughter and grandson. Why not get Lynda free up some of your valuable time by doing the work of looking for and booking your holiday and/or business travel for you, seamlessly without you having to leave your home. 

We highly recommend you contact Lynda Harlos for assistance in your travels.  You can check out Lynda's travel FB page at:



Key donor - Kelly Johnson of Heart Keys


Kelly has been a long time friend of Marion's and values the assistance that WINGS provides to young moms. Kelly supports WINGS through her monthly giving as a Key Donor and 

we thank her for this.


Kelly Johnson is the Executive Director and Coach for 'Heart Keys' which is a life altering coaching service helping people to overcome irrepressible anxiety and unwanted behaviors that often stem from feelings of despair, rejection and anger.  True freedom comes when lies are exposed and strongholds of negative thought are torn down and cut off at the source.  When the heart is set free the result can be FELT in tangible ways: behavior and thought life changes naturally from the inside out! 


You can reach Heart Keys by 

or by calling 905-442-1472 


* Mention this bio to receive a free connection session.


To become a Key Donor and support education for single parents, 

click here.




Flourless Truffle Chocolate Cake


150G Bittersweet Choc 

115G Butter

6 Large Eggs 

125G Pecan 

1/4 Cup Bread Crumbs 

3/4 White Sugar

1/4TSP Baking Powder


Chocolate Ganache


150G (5OZ) Bittersweet Choc Chopped 

1/2 CUP Whipping Cream


Vanilla Ice Cream 


Preheat oven 350 butter and flour 9" round cake pan. Place butter and choc in large bowl. Carefully melt in micro 20 seconds until melted - Stir every time 


Or in the Oven


In blender add eggs, pecan, bread crumbs, sugar and baking powder.  

Blend well for 1 minute  


Add egg mixture to chocolate combine with spatula 


Pour into cake pans and bake for 40 - 50 mins  



Melt choc and heat the cream and pour over chopped chocolate... and let it rest,

whisk till smooth.


WINGS is a registered Canadian charity. 


WINGS relies solely on your support to offer safety and care for homeless pregnant mothers and their babies needing shelter. 




Get Involved right now!

There is really no better time than now to make a donation to WINGS Maternity home




To see Marion's dynamic interview on Global TV, click here.


W.I.N.G.S. Maternity Home  1 Radford Drive, Ajax ON L1T 1V9  


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