700 Club Canada Sponsors of W.I.N.G.S. Maternity Home

Major Sponsor of 2015: The 700 Club Canada

The 700 Club Canada is WINGS Maternity Home Major Donor.

We are so thankful that this vibrant Christian ministry has stood for LIFE with WINGS.

In 2014, The 700 Club Canada helped renovate the kitchen at WINGS to assist with our ongoing community events and day school. In 2015, The 700 Club Canada purchased I pads for the online learning components of our school program.

This year, The 700 Club Canada gave a sizable contribution for the ongoing operational needs for our community day school as a Gold Level Key Donor. In addition to this generous support, The 700 Club Canada also helped with Christmas at WINGS for our residents and showcased our ministry with key interviews with Marion Cozens, Executive Director and former resident, Felicia Simpson of Wings Maternity Home.

Thanks, 700 Club Canada for your great heart and generosity to WINGS!

700 Club Kitchen Reno

Our new kitchen donated by The 700 Club Canada. Thank you so much!


Here are some testimonials from our students about how the ongoing generous support of the NEST Day School is changing their lives:  

“I am enrolled in Wings school. I am currently improving my life and showing my boys that education, no matter how hard, is important. I want them to know that no matter the challenge you have, get your education. Being at Wings to finish my high school education is the best place for me. It is a wonderful setting in a great environment surrounded by awesome people and great teachers.”

- Wings Community Mom


“I'm currently staying at Wings Maternity Home, which has been a positive experience so far, as it is allowing me to work on school and prepare myself for post-secondary education. There has also been a lot of emotional support which I have been super thankful for that especially at this time of year. They have opened up a lot of opportunities for me”

- Wings Resident Mom

Thanks, 700 Club Canada, for your ongoing generous support of our moms and their babies at WINGS
Maternity Home!

700 Club Canada Interviews with Marion Cozens from WINGS Maternity Home (Winter 2014)