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Dear Potential Client,


Congratulations on making a step forward in protecting the “life” of your baby and  to walk this journey with an openness to accept help. We are glad to have the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we may help you in the upcoming months.


Please find a copy of our Application Form for Residency. It is a fairly lengthy form. We ask that you fill it out to the best of your abilities and areas that do not pertain to you, please mark with “none or n/a”. Areas of this form that you may be unsure of, or have questions about, we can discuss and finish when we meet to talk. Do not send copies of your OHIP, S.I.N. or Important Info until acceptance of your application.


Our home is not a government funded program. We are sustained by my personal finances and the generous donations from our community, churches, friends and family. We do charge a small monthly fee for those who already qualify for assistance to help offset some of the costs involved in the running of our home, however this is not something that is required in order to live here. No woman is ever refused because they can’t pay.  Each woman coming into WINGS is assessed on an individual basis and an amount will be agreed upon together.


At WINGS. Maternity Home, we are sharing our life and our home with the hope that you will become very much a part of the “family unit”.


We will try to help you with arrangements to get you to all your doctors appointments, counseling sessions, schooling, baby development programs. However it is not our responsibility to do such. You may be required to take a bus at your own expense. Any personal excursions costs, you would be required to cover yourself. 


WINGS is a Christ centered home that is operated under these principals. We believe in the overall wellbeing of our moms including physical, emotion, and spiritual health.


As a resident at WINGS, you would stay with us for the duration of your pregnancy and up until you feel that you are ready to move on into independent living. At the end of this time period, we will help you transition into moving into your own place independently and getting yourself established and set up. We commit to stay in contact with you even after you leave our home for as long as you choose to journey with the WINGS community. 


At WINGS, we have a community day school, called the Nest, with two certified teachers and volunteer supported childcare.  While living at WINGS, we expect you to attend school in order to continue with your high school diploma while living here, as this is a requirement of the home.


We look forward to answering any questions you may have about our home or our program when we meet to discuss your application.




Marion Cozens

C.E.M. (Chief Executive Mother)


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Please download the application for Residence form below:

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Please contact our house mother, Marion Cozens, with any questions or concerns.

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